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New Games Journalism – This Shit’s a Playoff


Disclaimer: This was an article I wrote a few months ago as a piece of game journalism.


This Shit’s a Playoff


                The last time I saw Daniel we were heading out on separate planes from YVR (Vancouver) Airport. He was leaving back to school in Ontario as I was heading to Hawaii to enjoy the sweet life being a university dropout. My family doesn’t like me using the term because it wasn’t like I had failed out, I just left. I consider myself at least a bit of a dropout though: I still quit school.

Daniel and I didn’t have just any regular rivalry, this shit was serious, and this shit was the NHL series by EA Sports. The last time that he beat me I almost broke a controller. I’ll admit when I was younger I had a bad temper, but I got better with it and I barely act out anymore.

Except for when I play NHL.

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