Rebranding Feminism.

Paula vs Patriarchy

Feminism has a PR problem.

Feminism needs to call up Shia Labeouf and ask him who it is that always seamlessly guides him through his drunk and disorderly charges, allowing him to remain one of the most famous and beloved people in the world.

Feminism today is not feeling the love.

Countless public figures still shy away from or completely reject the label. The movement is far from garnering the unwavering allegiance we would love. It’s 2015 and feminists are still commonly depicted as angry, bra-burning, screaming lesbians.

Third wave feminism is plagued with a paradox. We are witnessing the emergence of a “no, but…” feminism, whereby more people than ever are subscribing to its principals yet simultaneously rejecting the movement.

Feminism is the outspoken girl on the playground, and though people don’t hate what she’s saying, they hate her for saying it.

So what should we do?

Well, many…

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