This is a continuation of my Kingdom Hearts play through. Just to explain the title, “SEE YUH” is actually one of Goofy’s lines from the game. I find it pretty humorous.



After leaving Wonderland and traveling a not-so-far distance to the Olympus Coliseum, my favorite world in the game, I encounter Philocetes who is Hercules’ mentor and also a Satyr. If I didn’t notice it before now I definitely noticed that all of the voice actors from the movies are in the game. It might not apply for the older films but it’s definitely great to hear DeVito’s voice for Phil and James Woods’ voice for Hades. They bring a lot to their characters and make them stand out even more than Hercules himself.


Hades, in all his glory

I am a firm believer that supporting roles can often make or break a movie or piece or media more than a leading role can. A lot more love and attention goes into the writing of a main character and if a supporting actor can bring their character as “to life” as the lead actor can I consider that a huge feat.

Anyways, I meet up with Phil and he allows me to practice for a bit to try and prove that I’m a hero so I can participate in the Coliseum’s tournament. After I succeed however he mentions that he just doesn’t see “hero” in me and that I can’t enter the games. Once I leave the hall, however, I’m greeted by Hades who happens to have a spare entry ticket for the tournament. Unaware of who Hades is my character takes the ticket and scurries back into the hall to show Phil.


Cloud Strife

Once in the tournament I face a few rounds of baddies just so I can be introduced to one of the most badass, and probably the best known, Final Fantasy characters around: Cloud Strife.

Cloud is the protagonist of Final Fantasy 7, one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved games of it’s generation and widely held as the best Final Fantasy game. He’s also the star of Final Fantasy: Advent Children which is one of my favorite animated films.

I’m not told this mysterious champions name but I get a dangerous look at his gear and his massive sword, which is quite intimidating to someone with a tiny keyblade. I fight a few more rounds of heartless and then I’m given another cut scene.

I can’t stress enough how great it is to hear James Woods’ voice as Hades in this game. As much as I’d love to believe that Hercules is the star of this world it’s most certainly Hades. His dialogue and general attitude towards everything is so a-typical of this world and it adds a lot of character. Anways, I see Hades talking with Cloud and telling him that he’s going to have to kill me to reach the finals and face Hercules, who is his main target. Personally I find this a little strange because as much of an anti-hero Cloud always appears to be I can’t imagine him taking a job to kill Hercules.


Two thumbs up for Hades

Of course he beats me and there’s not much I can do, but I guess it’s scripted because another scene plays where Cloud is about to kill me and he pull his sword away. Right as he does that however Cerberus (giant, evil, horrifying three-headed dog of the underworld) appears behind him. Hercules seems to simply appear below Cerberus without anyone noticing the “hero of heroes” walking into the arena. After getting out of the arena Phil gives me a little speech about how Hercules can take Cerberus no problem.. or not. He basically implies that he’s going to need a hand.

User_CerberusThis is the point where I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a hard fight or an alright one. I certainly remember the fight but I couldn’t recall if it was difficult or not. I decide to roll the dice and I jump into the arena to help out Herc.

Of course the second I get the dog’s attention Hercules takes the opportunity to GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE and just leaves me and my party against the guardian of the underworld. Real classy bro.

The fight doesn’t seem too bad at first, until I realize that it only takes about four hits for him to kill me.. I do alright the first time but realize after two more attempts that I at least need some potion.

Traverse_Town_KHI take a quick trip back to Traverse Town because there’s no damn item shop in the Coliseum (seriously, what the hell is with that?) After returning with about 20 potions I begin the fight again and this time take it more cautiously. I only attack a few times in a row and make sure I dodge every single attack of his. Overall his attacks are too threatening because he stands still for his bite, and his shockwave attack you can read from a mile down the road. His only dangerous attack is one that causes shots of darkness to erupt from below your feet. It’s only dangerous really if you time your dodge rolls wrong and you end up ON TOP of his shots.. it hurts, a lot.

Eventually I beat him, however, and I get named a “Junior Hero” by Phil and Hercules.

tumblr_inline_mhxbazzGzV1qz4rgpI run in to Cloud outside of the Coliseum and he gives me a story about how he’s looking for someone and Hades promised to help him out. I guess that makes sense now because Cloud certainly has a knack for losing his friends. He gives me what I assume is a new ability. Once I walk out the door I get to see Hades coming up with a devious plan to pit me against Hercules and take us both out at the same time. It’s classic Disney story-telling where the audience knows what’s going to happen to the hero, I just wish they didn’t have to do that when I AM THE HERO.

All in all it was a pretty quick trip to the Coliseum. I see Hades talk about the next tournament but there’s no indication of when that is.. Can I just leave and come back immediately to start again, or do I have to go do another world first?

Now for the #realtalk: these first two worlds are a perfect entry to this game and I’m about to tell you why. There’s only so many Disney Princesses and if, what I think is going to happen, is going to happen then they’re going to end up a relatively large piece in the puzzle. They stand out with Disney as paragons of the business. They are the be-all and end-all of fairy tales and if your story or movie doesn’t have a Disney Princess it’s just not in the same league. It ONLY makes sense for them to be part of the main plot. The game of course doesn’t introduce them yet, however, and only gave me a glimpse at a few of them during the introduction dream-sequence where I was standing on images of them.

HerculesWonderland and the Olympic Coliseum are unique stories in the Disney world because they don’t have main female AND male characters. Sure, Hercules has Megera as his love interest but she’s far from a Disney Princess and the real co-star of the film is Hades. Alice in Wonderland  of course has Alice but there’s no Prince Charming or a love interest of any kind. These two are very easy entries into the Disney universe and it’s smart to put them first. Hades is one of the big-baddies that’s shrouded in mystery near the beginning of the game so it only makes sense to introduce him early and bring him back when more of their dastardly plan is revealed. Alice in Wonderland doesn’t really seem to fit in to the rest of the Disney universe however (not having a Princess or very interesting villain) and it makes sense that there’s only a quick introduction to Alice’s world and not much more.

khcourtThe real star of Wonderland is the world itself but it’s hard to make that come to life with so many other characters and worlds needing to be shown. Of course there COULD be some more of Wonderland coming later on but I’m not quite sure about that.

Back to the game at hand! I leave the Coliseum and enter space yet again towards the three-star planet which I believe is the Deep Jungle (Tarzan). Another good intro level for the game as we won’t really have to see too much about the main plot yet but we should have an opportunity to meet some more interesting characters and possibly some more abilities I can use.

Scar it's not your turn yet

Be pre-PAAAIIRR.. damn it Scar it’s not your turn yet

While I’m in space there starts to actually be some more interesting pieces of terrain around me as I actually have to move my ship from the center of the screen to complete the trip. I recall these little distractions from the main game being more interesting but I guess I’ll just have to wait for the later ones.

As our ship floats above the Deep Jungle world Sora and Donald get into a verbal exchange about whether or not to land. I kind of remember this world sucking so I’m okay if Donald wins the fight. The ship starts to shake and we crash land on this new world.

Next: CHAPTER FOUR: That Damned Jaguar



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