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CHAPTER THREE.5: The Cheshire Cat Sucks

DISCLAIMER: Some adult and unsupervised language is about to take place inside of this post. Please, if you are below the age of 15 or have not heard the words ‘ass’, ‘asshole’, ‘god damn’ or even ‘hell’ please stop reading now and allow those words to enter your life naturally at another point in time.




Take a seat.

I avoided saying much about the Cheshire Cat in Chapter Three, mostly out of respect for any minors who may had read it. However upon revisiting my feelings with a colleague it seem that I can no longer hold my tongue.

Let us begin.

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This is a continuation of my Kingdom Hearts play through. Just to explain the title, “SEE YUH” is actually one of Goofy’s lines from the game. I find it pretty humorous.



After leaving Wonderland and traveling a not-so-far distance to the Olympus Coliseum, my favorite world in the game, I encounter Philocetes who is Hercules’ mentor and also a Satyr. If I didn’t notice it before now I definitely noticed that all of the voice actors from the movies are in the game. It might not apply for the older films but it’s definitely great to hear DeVito’s voice for Phil and James Woods’ voice for Hades. They bring a lot to their characters and make them stand out even more than Hercules himself.

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Kingdom Hearts: CHAPTER THREE: Strange Drinks Make you Feel Small

khrc-wonderlandThis is a continuation of my Kingdom Hearts play through.


The next world tosses me ass-first into Alice in Wonderland the exact same way that the aforementioned Alice did. After moving the bed out of the way I devour a blue drink and I “grow small” so I can enter the rest of this marvelous world.

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Kingdom Hearts: CHAPTER TWO – Traverse Town Shuffle


This is a continuation of my Kingdom Hearts play through.


Have you heard of Ansem?

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Kingdom Hearts – CHAPTER ONE: Who are you, really?


Is it 2002? No, I just happened to get back my old Playstation 2 and had a hankering to play Kingdom Hearts. More than anything I had the urge to play it again and really understand what it was about this game that got my utter attention when I was younger.

Come, take a journey with me.

Kindom Hearts, for the uneducated, is an action-role playing game that was released in 2002 that featured a very unique blend of Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters. It’s game play was a very free-flow style of action that allowed the player to run around the battlefield as they pleased and tackle enemies however they thought was best. What I personally remember from this game that was so great happened to be the use of the Disney characters and how you got to see many of them outside of the story that existed in their films. Also the game play was really smooth and if I remember it correctly Mickey is a total badass.

This is going to be a series of diary-styled articles while I do a play through of the first Kingdom Hearts and maybe the second one.

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Battleblock Theater: Lost Friendships, Cats and Will Stamper’s Voice


Battleblock Theater is a 2-dimensional platformer that features multiplayer mechanics for competitive and cooperative play.


Enter this world from the minds behind Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, featuring the vocal pornography of Will Stamper, and you won’t want to leave. If that world has crazed cats running a broken-down theater of death then you might want to leave; thank god this is just a (fantastic) game.

You are tossed, genitals-first, into this crazed theater of gloom and destruction to die repeatedly and hilariously for the thrill of cats. Thus begins your epic struggle to escape this dastardly theater of perpetual danger and feline devilry. Welcome to Battleblock Theater.

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