Sony Press Conference: The Actual Good and Bad

The press conference today was far less than shrouded in mystery. Before it even started there were price point and release date rumors released and images of the controller. This list may be large but it could be even larger. Personally I think Sony nailed it and for the first time since the PS2 I will actually get something of theirs on release, here’s why:

Unreal Engine tech demo

My Best:

New Exclusives – Bungie and Blizzard. I don’t care if you don’t like shooters or you think that Blizzard some how screwed you over by re-releasing their most recent title onto the console (which it frankly will play better on) you know you’re still going to buy both of them. As much as you want to fight it you’re going to buy that game and you’re going to have a blast. Bungie’s title being exclusive for PS4 may not tickle your fancy if you’ve never played Halo or any shooter before.. (have you ever played a game?) but it being on PS4 means XBox may not have it and neither will PC. That’s a big fat win to me. Watch Dogs also looked awesome like it did last year but I actually don’t know if that’s exclusive or not.

Sculpting/Modeling – Media Molecule blew my mind. A lot of people I’ve talked to said it was almost as big as when the saw the Wii for the first time in action. I’m sorry, the what now? Media Molecule made the biggest splash today with a working prototype of a creative suite that lets you model (similar to using clay) characters and objects to be placed in your own production. To those people who say that this isn’t worth hyping because they use the Move and that’s a PS3 tech.. psst.. this means it’ll be for the PS4 as well.

Media Molecule created and animated those models using Playstation Move and their new tech to make a whole music video.

Developer Tech – They only said a little bit but even mentioning indie developers at a console-reveal is enough to show me that they’re serious about supporting the industry. This may be because they want to or they finally realize that they have to, but it’s going to happen.

Hardware Efficiency – The physics and graphics look amazing. Although there wasn’t much to what Square Enix showed it still looked amazing. Capcom’s game also looked absolutely glorious; seeing them make another medieval/fantasy game with sharing features (it was at the end of the video) is promising and means they may try to challenge Dark/Demon Souls.

Controller: It seems like Sony finally got their controller design right. It looks somewhat heavier than anything they’ve made which is a great thing. It seems to have full motion control working with that Kinect-like camera. It no longer has “Start” and “Select” but it has “Options” and “Share.” That’s a big step for console gaming to have a social sharing option directly on the controller. It looks like that button will tie directly into the console features that let you record your own game play and share it.

Not Showing the Console – Brilliant from a marketing point of view. When you release ANYTHING you do not want to give the people watching your reveal everything you have to offer 8 months before. Be honest with yourself, would you forget about the console in a few months if they showed it today or are you more likely to remember it if you’re anxiously awaiting the kit’s reveal in a few months.

Capcom: Their game looked cool and it has dragons. My attention has been had.

Capcom Presents: Deep Down You fight dragons and things.

What I Thought Wasn’t Amazing:

Square Enix – I thought it was cheeky and unorganized to mention Final Fantasy just for the sake of preparing us for an E3 reveal; use Twitter for that. Their cinematic was really awesome but the bad part but they said it’s not part of any upcoming title. Summoning 3D dragons is on my bucket list but I guess Squeenix won’t be helping me with that any time soon.

Press Conference Start – What’s the Vita? Why even mention such a thing? They knew why everyone was watching just learn the lesson and give the people what they want.

Mike Cerny scaring the hell out of me.

Mike Cerny – This guy looked like a mad scientist who’s doing animal experimentation on Bamby. He creeped me out.

Not Having a Female on the Stage – What I’m actually upset by is the outcry over this. Everyone who presented tonight is a high-level creative or at the top of the business end in their respective companies. They have been on that stage before and if they had just hired a woman to fill in their places to be inclusive would that really be better?

I didn’t mention anything about Metal Gear because frankly E3 is a bigger stage where they’ll have a bigger audience. There was some pieces of the show I missed so some things might not be on here for no good reason other than I needed to pick up food.

At the end of the day this was one hell of a press conference and although I understand a lot of people are going to complain anyways because the one pipe-dream of theirs didn’t show up on screen today keep in mind that with everything they showed today it sets the bar pretty high for Microsoft. If they can even match this conference in terms of exclusives and social/development tech we can look forward to having consoles around for a very long time.

Go Sony go.

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