Review Solstice: Sine Mora

Sine Mora is a beautiful 2D-shooter developed by Digital Reality that’s made in the vein of older shooters Gradius and R-Type (a personal favorite). It blends classic shoot ’em up mechanics with a contemporary presentation.

Sine Mora throws the player into a steam punk world where WW2 aircrafts never went out of style and they’re piloted by animals. Let’s take a quick look at this impressive title.

After booting up the story mode you’re instantly thrown into an intro video (seen above) with subtitles that are dubbed in Hungarian. The developers recorded it like that as a placeholder but liked the feel so much they kept it, and I’m not about to complain. It also places you in the middle of an air raid that’s instigating a dog fight. This wouldn’t be too unique of an introduction if you couldn’t see allied and opposing planes shooting each other down in the background. There’s something to be said about seeing your steam-punk squadron following you into the depths of hell.

The game flaunts a time-shift mechanic to help you dodge the multitude of bullets coming your way throughout the game. Although it’s not an entirely unique idea it’s well executed, and feels great to use.

Everything in the game is fully in three-dimensions but as stated above the game does a great job of honing in on the 2D game play of old. Constant weapon upgrades and need of the time distortion mechanic immerse the player instantly into the game world.

See launch trailer below

Another interesting addition to the genre that Sine Mora brings to the table is the choice of which path to take in missions.

If you’re interested in trying out the most this game has to offer you then take the bottom route but if you feel like just enjoying the story mode you can do that as well. It’s a refreshing feature in a genre that’s always been a little stale when it comes to variety. It’s not even surprising anymore when a bullet-hell game features cats flying space ships or rats in submarines – choice is a new avenue for the genre though.

Which way would you choose?

Which way would you choose?

With those few things to set Sine Mora apart from the rest of the “shoot ’em up” genre it’s still in it for a reason. The game plays great for a bullet hell and it’s time-distortion mechanic is a great way to introduce a lot of newer players to the genre. If you’re a hardcore fan of the genre though it might only be worth picking Sine Mora up for the visuals and the quick appeal. I wouldn’t dare say that the game would be anywhere as difficult as some other legends out there, but for the $3.39 it’s on sale for I would still grab it.

Concept art

Concept art

There’s not a whole lot more to talk about when it comes to Sine Mora, but don’t let that deter you from it. For a small project with the absolutely stunning visuals it offers the game is easily worth the $3.39 you pay for it until the 10th of November. If you won’t buy it at least take an honest look at this great little title.

The game is currently on sale via Steam here. Sine Mora is also available later this month on the Playstation Vita if that’s more your poison.

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