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Review Solstice: Saints Row the Third

There should be no doubt that this review will in no way cover the entirety of what is Saints Row: the Third. Here we go anyways with my second Review Solstice post for the latest installment in the Saints Row series.

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Review Solstice: Legend of Grimrock

The first review in my ‘Review Solstice’ is of Legend of Grimrock. The game attempts to bring back the text-adventure genre from the times when Zork was king, some 15-20 years ago. It takes Zork’s adventuring and places it into a Dungeons and Dragons system with Skyrim graphics – a match made in heaven.


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The Review (Winter) Solstice Introduction

I’ve been taking time lately to decide what to do about this little opinionated blog I have here. There’s no doubt that what not everyone agrees with anything I have to say, so I figure I my as well try giving those people an opinion that they don’t quite have yet.

For the month of December and possibly the rest of the winter season I’ll be doing game reviews of all the renegade games I haven’t played in my Steam library. Although I may not be able to beat every game in my library I’ll at least play them to the extent that I’ll know enough about the game to review it. If I happen to beat them then that’s just a bonus.

First game to be reviewed: Legend of Grimrock

Awesomenauts and its Unique Take on Character Design

Apologies to anyone who hasn’t tried out this game yet – it’s a great title and it deserves a bigger audience that it has at the moment. I highly recommend playing it. I’ll outline two builds for a single character in the game that might give you some idea of the mechanics and variety this game offers.

Find it here:

Awesomenauts is an attempt by Ronimo Games to capture the aggressive nature of the MOBA genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which already stars games such as DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and LoL (League of Legends). It’s a 2-dimensional platformer that applies itself to the MOBA game in the most obvious, basic way possible – minions and towers. It pits you against another team of the same size as yours (three players), with minions and towers which you need to destroy in order to win the match.

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Compulsion Loops in Social Games – Devil’s Advocate?

Before you jump the gun and assume I’ll answer the question above with ‘yes’ give it a rest; the answer’s not so simple.

Yes, like a lot of other lovers of AAA titles (big budget console and PC games) I initially saw compulsion loops and thought they were junior-rodeo mechanics, things that were meant to please the lemming-like masses. However, also no because I was completely wrong. Compulsion loops as social game mechanics are stripped down versions of any mechanics you can find in any AAA title.

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