Portable Psychology

I have a feeling this may get lost among mot readers or they’ll just think it’s a waste of a few thousand lines of code, but I’ve begun work on an app to psychologically analyze and asses user-inputted data, in an app.

Due to my misguided thoughts of this being a monumental idea I won’t talk about necessarily how I’m doing it, but I will talk about the end result.

What I imagine being the result of such a venture is an app that can in the future give every user unparalleled guidance with their personal issues, from their friends, without having to even consult them.

So many times I have friends come to me about their issues and some conundrum they’re in but not tell me everything, or leave certain parts out. What I plan to do is digitally obtain my own (and very other user’s) “interaction calibration” (what I’m calling it) and apply that to my friend’s issue to theoretically get the same result as if they were to come to me themselves and ask me personally.

Imagine finding out your boyfriend just cheated on you, and being absolutely furious. You don’t necessarily want to go to someone right away because to you this is an embarrassing issue to have. You plug in what just happened into an app on your phone and it pops out with the result of what your friend would tell you to do if you weren’t too embarrassed to go to them.

Let’s take it a step further: input what just happened to you and then get the IC (interactions calibration) from the person who just hurt you. That’s some pretty strong advice, and often an over rated angle (why somebody did what they did). What if you could get the advice of your parents without having to talk to them about your best friend stealing your part in the play, without having to bring it up at the dinner table?

This of course isn’t the only facet to my idea but it’s a nice place to start. Other ideas could be grabbing advice and solutions from the masses of your friends. Ex: 45% of friends say to do “x” and 86% of those friends are women with boyfriends.”

What I’m talking about is a way to essentially physiologically diagnose and analyze the mobile-users market, and use the data to feed back to them and advise them without the need for a shrink or best friend to have a drink with.

What have I come up with?… Dear god..

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